Monday, May 25, 2009

Main Street, Division to Brown by F.R. Bresgal

[commentary by the photographer]

This block has been gentrified. The garage in the foreground is being demolished. It is to be a hippie-yuppie grocery story I'm told. The first building across the street is 'The community building'. Hidey holes for self-righteous yuppies. Peace and Justice ... all that. I made an effort to get free legal advice for a friend and they blew me off. I haven't recovered.

The bright light is an expensive restaurant I haven't been in ... somebodies 'gin mill'. Isabel's Gin Mill? Next is computer games and other games. I think of the owners as children but they are probably 20-30. They have board games and big tables for war games.

The Red Lion Tavern is not calling itself a sport's bar. The vertical bright light is the Globe Hotel ... not a hotel, I'm sure. Nice restaurant with an interesting menu reasonable prices. I'm acquainted with the chef ... singer, song writer. There's a bicycle shop on division on the other side. Seems expensive to me.

Very popular bar on this side of Division takes up most of the block ... maybe the whole block. This side of Main street has various yuppie shops. The 'lighting' store is very interesting. Coffee shop, of course. I don't know what else.

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